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Packed with helpful tips, tricks, and ideas from kitchen designer and remodeler, Jeb Breithaupt, the JEB Kitchens blog will help you with everything from choosing the right kitchen cabinets to planning the perfect kitchen layout. Plus, our before-and-after photos will give you inspiration for your own kitchen renovation. Whether you're looking for a complete kitchen makeover or just some small changes to update your space, the JEB Kitchens blog is your go-to resource.

Add on to your home for caregiver relief

By Jeb Breithaupt, B. Arch, MBA Sometimes the dedicated caregiver of a special-needs adult child or an aging parent just needs some space. So does the person you’re caring for. It’s not surprising that I’m noticing a trend in remodeling needs for room additions, finished garages and in-home efficiency apartments

Listen to your heart when you choose remodeling projects

By Jeb Breithaupt, B. Arch, MBA I’ve worked with a lot of nice folks to design and build their remodeling projects over the past 35+ years. Although most people want to start by talking about “bricks and sticks,” that is, the physical materials of their project, we all know that

‘Get me out of the ’80s!’

By Jeb Breithaupt, B. Arch, MBA If your master bathroom looks more like it belongs in a museum than in a modern home, it’s time to do some major upgrading. Homebuilders in the 1950s, ’60s, ’70s and even ’80s treated bathrooms as utilitarian and made most of them the size

Predict the Future with Remodeling

By Jeb Breithaupt, B. Arch, MBA Predicting the future is something all of us has probably wished for at some time in our lives. While it may sound like nothing more than a nice daydream, making educated guesses about your future doesn’t take a crystal ball. In my last article

Advanced planning makes remodeling smoother

By Jeb Breithaupt, B. Arch, MBA You’ve finally decided to build the master bedroom suite of your dreams, to convert your adult child’s old room to a craft room, or to upgrade your kitchen so it suits your inner gourmet chef. The more planning you do before the work starts,

Top 5 Contractor Scams

By Jeb Breithaupt, B. Arch, MBA It’s that time of year again: Warmer weather is just around the corner; remodeling season is in full bloom; and scam artists are out and about, looking for the next sucker to believe they are legitimate contractors so they can steal your money. Don’t

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